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A.S APOTHECARY ( Sussex, England ) emerged from a lifelong love of plants, many years as a homeopath/herbalist and decades of gardening in Britain and the Levant. The aim is simply to make products that have a nurturing influence on skin, body & soul. A.S. AP sows seeds, grow plants & by harvesting at exactly the right moment, capture their essential vitality.

A.S APOTHECARY is a collection of natural scents, creams, essential oils & balms made in a small batch distillery nestled within the South Downs National Park, UK created by plant grower, gatherer, distiller & maker, Amanda Saurin and her small team.

This is a unique ‘Seed to Skin’ ethos with its heart firmly in the art of the traditional apothecary. Before a single pot makes its way to your hands it has undergone a unique journey, one that is now almost impossible to find in the beauty industry.

To gather the key ingredients for these blends Amanda plants the seeds, tends to their growth, patiently waits & then harvests the plants at the optimum time to finally distil & blend into her unique brand of ‘local’ skincare.

‘I gather flowers, bark, leaves, roots, blossom & moss in the fields, mountains & gardens that I love. 
The best ingredients capture the vitality & spirit of place within them. It’s important to me to hand-pick at the perfect moment; whether that’s roses from the gardens of Glyndebourne Sussex or thyme from the Machair of Harris.’ - says Amanda.

Amanda works as a Herbalist & Homeopath. She has an understanding of how to capture the essence & vitality of plants for the benefit of our skin – all her products are made fresh, with care, attention & positive intention. Amanda’s unique experience as a plantswoman for 30 years accompanies her belief that plants are potent healers for both mind & body.

‘Each plant is harvested & treated differently to ensure that the maximum vitality & scent is extracted. I enfleurage, tincture, macerate, dry & distil, always mindful of the best process to draw out scent & therapeutics from the plants. I believe that each preparation contains the defining properties of a particular harvest, a singular moment to be captured & incorporated into A.S APOTHECARY products.’

Amanda has a particular love of the alchemy that transforms botanicals into aromatic waters & essential oils. She uses ‘Valerie’, a 200- litre alembic still, made from copper hand-beaten in Portugal to preserve an ancient method of producing quality essential oils & beautifully scented aromatic waters. This respectful attention to the plant imbues each little APOTHECARY pot with a subtly transformative nature, an essential vitality.

Through A.S APOTHECARY Amanda brings together her love of plants, growing, making, healing & collaboration to produce a small range of beauty-filled products. When your pot of oil or cream has this level of traceability your care is more than skin deep – each purchase is something locally grown & manufactured on a human scale as well as exceptional nourishment for mind, body & spirit.

All products are 100% natural organic, artisanal, hand grown, hand picked & hand blended. Cruelty free. Vegan. AS Apothecary blend skincare straight from the distillation of their own harvested seasonal plants for ultimate freshness.

FREE FROM: parabens, propylene or butylene glycols, petroleum, sulphates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, artificial dyes, fragrances or carcinogens, fillers.


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