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Parisian hair couture with an exotic eco-chic twist. 100% natural organic & cruelty free professional hair care.

Antonin .B (hand-made in France) offers an organic alternative to the usual professional hair styling products. By professional, we mean products that are concentrated enough to be used in the hair salon but also with immediate results on the hair.

Kendy Bourguignon Sencée, the creator of Antonin .B tells her story: " Although Paris has adopted me & shaped me as a woman, I was born & raised in the Caribbean, with a mother who, to this day, is very involved in environment-related questions. From a young age, my family has taught me to go to nature, respect it & turn to it for all my needs (health, well-being, beauty, etc).
Both of my grand-mothers were encyclopedias when it came to leaves, herbs & recipes from the countryside or the garden & they taught us everything they knew.
I was introduced to hair over 10 years ago. During my studies, I would occasionally strike the pose or walk the runway. Then from the catwalk, I went backstage & from there, I slipped further into the industry by writing about hair. It led me to meeting renowned hairdressers, artists that do fantastic shows, but also people who were working towards a greener & safer hair industry.
On a more personal level, it is because of hair that I rediscovered natural beauty & that I rediscovered myself; because now I no longer relax my hair & I have learned to deal with my curls & frizz & love everything about my hair. 
For a long time, in my great naiveté, I did not imagine it was possible to incorporate nature in a beauty routine when one lived in a big city. To me, all the things that were the norm in my green childhood did not make any sense when surrounded with concrete. But a few years ago, I uncovered the absurdity of this way of thinking. I realized there were products that were called “natural”. From then, I invested an insane budget in natural products from Europe & the USA. I analyzed the formulas. I studied the ingredients & most of all, I turned to training & scientific resources. Why was I so motivated? Because personally, I wanted to catch up quickly. I wanted to find myself again in the simplicity of the principles of my childhood. And I wanted to be a part of that movement & help other people find themselves as well.
What I was very interested in, however, was to go further than the many products I had tested. I wanted the formulation to be truly natural, to be efficient & above all, that it would allow the product user to hold on to the pleasure & the sensuality that they are used to when they have a quality product in their hands."
Antonin .B products are for all hair types. They are fantastic to style & nourush dry, frizzy hair & is efficient on a large array of textures. They are also great to nourush & streingt fine or damaged hair.

Antonin .B brings together premium natural ingredients & green innovative science to create hair care that is powerful & concentrated.

Antonin .B products are formulated with 100% naturally sourced & organic cetified ingredients in order to satisfy both eco-conscious hair professionals & green-savvy customers.

The products offer actual results, while respecting the customer’s physical & ethical integrity.

Every formula starts with nature in its purest form; to which Antonin .B adds technology & green science in order to support & complete nature’s work.

FREE FROM parabens, SLS, silicons, GMOs, synthetics.



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