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Ecoya (Australia) are purveyors of luxury home fragrance & delicately fragranced hypo-allergenic body care products. The company is founded in Sydney’s very own Botany Bay, the same place where Joseph Banks catalogued the hundreds of botanicals in the region, circa 1770. Ecoya uses natural ingredients to create environmentally friendly products that perform for the consumer and their home. All Ecoya products are designed with one thing in common – to ignite the senses through incredible fragrance. That experience is of course enhanced with the ambience of candle light and glass for Ecoya home fragrance products, while bodycare is naturally focused on how product feels on the skin.

All of Ecoya candles are made from natural plant and soy waxes as opposed to the common petroleum based paraffin wax that we see often on the market today. Their candle wicks are natural also - Made from 100% cotton - Better for the environment and better for you! 

Ecoya's natural wax bases are: longer, cooler and non-toxic cleaner burning; biodegradable, FREE FROM pesticides and herbicides; derived from 100 % sustainable soybean & palm oil plantations; FREE FROM genetically modified material; excellent for scent throw with luxurious fragrance & high-quality essential oils.

With strong branding, elegant packaging, and a passion for using premium quality ingredients, Ecoya produces beautiful products that have gained a reputation and are well sought after. The Ecoya range is currently stocked in over 700 stores Australia-wide and internationally at Bloomindales, Harrods and more.

All of our Ecoya products are hand-crafted and made from soy wax, which is a big step away from the traditional petroleum based paraffin. Even our wicks are 100% natural - Made from pure lead-free cotton, and our Ecoya body care range uses only the finest botanical natural bases. True, it is a little more expensive to make things this way and takes alot more time, but the end result is so much better."- says Craig Schweighoffer, Founder and CEO of Ecoya.

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