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Because there was no such thing, Berlin-based Judith Springer, founder of FINE, invented a unisex deodorant that looks good, works well & does not contain harmful active ingredients.

While the European beauty industry launched "green" creams, shampoos & make-up products, they forgot one essential thing: the deodorant. Judith couldn't find one that was free from harmful aluminium salts (linked to breast cancer), plus beautifully packaged & sustainably produced - and in 2016, she just came up with one herself!

Fine, the Italian the word for end (the long search for a well-designed, organic deodorant) & the English word for beautiful.  

"Blessed with a sensitive nose I could already smell the pizza place around the corner as a 2 year old. And until today I am still fascinated by the power of scents. And beauty finally does not mean to me superficial beauty that is dictated by fashion trends but rather aesthetic perfection & equilibrium. Different roads I took to dig deep into this matter: working as a curator, urban researcher & yoga teacher. As it happens I have been on the search for a healthy AND working deodorant for decades, a deodorant that does not only prevent undesired odours but also satisfies my three obsessions: health, odours & beauty. There was no way around: I had to invent FINE. 
It is completely pure & free of aluminium salts, it is even eatable; it smells heavenly, where the smells does not linger too long, so that you can wear your own perfume as well. And of course it looks beautiful in your bathroom! And the best of all: it does work! " - says Judith.

Beautifully packaged & sustainably produced

Today, Judith produces 100% vegan cream-deodorants that have the 100% natural unisex scents of vetiver, geranium, cedar or bergamot.

All FINE products are FREE FROM aluminium salts, genetically modified substances, gluten, nanoparticles, parabens & other chemical additives & have of course not been tested on animals.

Each FINE deo comes with a recyclable bag of organic cotton & a wooden scoop made in a therapeutic workshop.

Judith Springer believes it is important to use local resources - that's why FINE  is "Made in Berlin" from beginning to end. And of course, proudly.

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