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Exploring the magical powers of Nature. Aroma Cushions for Love, Meditation, Positivity, Energy, Tranquillity and Focus.

In today’s fast-paced life, we marginally manage to take care of our tired bodies, while the mind & soul are seldom at peace. They are constantly wandering, seeking rest. Forrest & Love aroma cushions is their small attempt towards gifting our minds & souls tranquility, peace & positive energy through long forgotten, yet magical gifts of nature. Unknowingly, each one of us has experienced the power of Aromatherapy in some way or the other. These blissful aromas can instantly calm our minds & uplift our mood.

A healthy body with a depressed or stressed mind can create chaos within & around us. Forrest & Love truly believes that the nature’s pure fragrances have the power to uplift us, calm & relax us, enliven, motivate & inspire us, harmonize & balance our emotions, relieve physical symptoms of imbalances; and improve many basic physical & psychological functions.

It is this understanding that led the Munich/German-based entrepreneurs Shamika & Rohit to create Forrest & Love, With their aroma cushions, they are striving to share this vast knowledge of aromatherapy & its magical benefits that will help in restoring balance of mind, body & spirit.

The idea behind Forrest & Love

"While growing up in India, where the tradition of aromatics still thankfully remains undisturbed, I have bumped into the mystic of aromatherapy in some way or the other: Be it in the form of floral & herbal extracts in an incense or grandma burning frankincense late evenings to drive away ‘bad energies’. Aromatherapy has been an integral part of Ayurveda & the Indian culture as whole. From sandalwood incense to enhance the benefits of meditation to water infused with holy basil for purifying the environment, aromas have been a pleasant way to infuse the human psycho-physiology with the healing wisdom of plants. Our mission is to allow everyone to take a moment of peace & experience the powers of Aromatherapy & Mindful Beauty." - Shamika Dhuri, co-founder.

"The fondest of memories remain of grandmother putting handful of Eucalyptus leaves in boiling water & make us children inhale the scents. She said the tree has been living since hundred years. There were no tablets, no medicinal syrups – it was the same Eucalyptus tree we played around that magically healed us. Today, the tree still stands strong in our garden & will perhaps heal even the next generation to follow. Even as a child or a growing up teenager, the fragrances of sandalwood, Eucalyptus, jasmine & frankincense have bonded me to something divine, something mystic that takes away all my anxieties & worries simply upon smelling them. It is this rich tradition of healing that I now wish to share with the world." - Rohit Tattu, co-founder.

How to use Forrest & Love Aroma Cushions

Consciously or unconsciously, life situations cause us to respond physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually, all at the same time. While conventional Western medicine views the body as being a separate functioning mechanism to the rest of our being, the holistic healing approach sees the body as a reflection of the whole person; so we go from being ‘me & my body’ as two separate entities to ‘I am my body’ as one whole entity.
Thus, depending on how stressed, depressed or emotionally weak one is, the aroma cushions work differently on every individual. Here few basics of how you can use your aroma cushion for its best results.
Every Forrest & Love Cushion has its unique property & can be used as per ones mental & relaxiation requirement. Depending on its type, you can keep your aroma cushions at your work desk, in your car, beside your sleeping pillow, on your reading corner table or beside your meditation / exercising yoga mat while meditating or exercising. The magical aromatic blends will diffuse through your aroma cushions & arouse your mind & spirit.
Making Forrest & Love Aroma Cushions

Forrest & Love loves the inexhaustible variety of plants & flowers & their healing properties. Taking the purest natural ingredients, they create blends of herbs, spices, flowers & pure essential oils that enhance their inherent properties, turning them into rich, beautifully scented aroma cushions for home, work & cars.

Every herb or spice has a positive role to play in blending Forrest & Love aroma pillows precisely. All ingredients are native to some of the wildest & most remote places in India. Forrest & Love works with the farmers who produce them to ensure all herbs & spices are grown to the highest degrees of purity, quality & ethical standards.

Besides, the fabric used as Forrest & Love cushion covers is 100% cotton & AZO free certified. The beautiful fabric prints are of course hand printed by our well-trained artisans.

Step 1 - Procuring the wild & dried 

The herbs, spices & dried flowers used in cushions are procured from many remote areas of the Himalayas, spice gardens of Kerala & other rural parts of the country, that are often untouched by the modern world. Reflecting the biodiversity of India, the herbal blends incorporate Ayurvedic knowledge, Tibetan remedies & the wisdom of mountain healers. Many of these herbs & flowers are seasonal, bloom only in the certain period of the year & thus plan the blends accordingly. While doing that, Forrest & Love cautiously procure limited quantities to avoid any wastage. The company sees their passion in growing responsibly & sustainably.

Step 2 - The hunt for pure essential oils

What is the difference between synthetic fragrances and essential oils?

Synthetic Fragrance oils are primarily made from petrochemicals & attempt to duplicate the smell of a specific plant. By dismantling the unique chemical compound of an essential oil, chemists re-assemble a "Frankenstein" fragrance. A 1986 report by the National Academy of Sciences reports that 95 percent of the chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum & include benzene derivatives, aldehydes & many other known toxins & synthesizers capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders & allergic reactions.

Essential oils are obtained through highly labor-intensive processes which extract the vital essence of aromatic plants from the flowers, fruits, sap, seeds or skin of the plant, as well as the bark, leaves, roots, resins or wood of certain trees. The Essential Oils are often referred to as the "life force" of plants & contain unique & varied therapeutic properties.

These precious oils used in Forrest & Love aroma cushions are being extracted from plants & fruits that are harvested in an ethical & sustainable manner, often directly from the wild.

Step 3 - Weaving the thread of nature

In the age of mass production, where almost every fabric is either synthetic or with synthetic mix, Forrest & Love is trying to set an outstanding example of what can be achieved when work ethic & skill are applied to an ancient craft. Using the weaving knowledge & techniques used by many generations, Forrest & Love uses the art of block printing on pure cotton to bring passion & excitement of purity into the 21st century.
The inner & outer cushion fabric are made of 100% natural fabric - muslin & cotton. For the inner fabric pure muslin is used – known for its softness & breathability that is comforting for you & the aromatic blends in your cushion. The outer fabric is made of rich cotton, dyed in five different colours according to every cushion type. These fabrics are then hand block printed using an age-old technique used by many generations in India.
What is block printing?
Block printing is an ancient Indian textile tradition. Cloth with block printing has been found dated back as early as 2000BC. Today this cultural tradition has been kept alive in villages through Rajasthan & Gujrat. These wood-blocks are hand carved in elaborate designs & each colour is printed with a different block to complete the motif. A high degree of skill is required for both the placement of motifs & the application of pressure. Altogether Forrest & Love has two blocks to create a 5 coloured fabrics.
Step 4 - Hand-filled with love

Blending the ingredients is a mammoth task. At first the solawood is soaked in essential oils to retain the scents & extend the diffusion period of the essential oils. The herbs, dried flowes, spices are carefully sorted, rechecked for their quality, weighed precisely & then delicately hand filled in the inner cushions. Forrest & Love tailor at the other end, then stiches these filled cushions with precision after which the cushions are packed in the outer covers.

As a shield for retaining the aromas from diffusion, the cushions are packed in biodegradable plastic covers & then packed in their beautifully carved boxes & ready for you!

100% natural, ethically sourced, wild-grown, vegan, cruelty free, artisanal & ehtically handmade, biodegradable, AZO free dyed cotton.
FREE FROM artificial, synthetic aromas, chemical & paraffin.
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