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British brand Herbfarmacy is the home of organic British skin care. Created with wisdom, using the knowledge and expertise of botanist Dr. Paul Richards, a member of the Soil Association, who has been growing organic herbs, in Herefordshire, England for 30 years. Paul has selected key organic herbs for each skincare product that are deeply moisturising & provide sustained nourishment & protection of the skin tissue. Herbfarmacy has created a comprehensive range of award-winning products, ideal for sensitive skin conditions including eczema & psoriasis. 
The use of herbs in skincare treatment dates back thousands of years. They have helped condition & improve skin health, maintain skin elasticity, increase cell repair & renewal and help reduce the signs of aging. And because herbs are a natural ingredient they are particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin.
Herbfarmacy products are Soil Association Certified, which means that all ingredients, when available, are organic, and all other ingredients are stringently researched & ethically traded. All of the organic skincare product range, which are UK grown & produced, are hand made in small batches on site at the herb farm.  
Herbfarmacy organic herbs are all carefully grown & handpicked when at their freshest, to ensure they are as potent & effective as possible. It’s a labour-intensive process because each product is at least a year in the making. But then that’s how it should be! Harnessing the qualities of these traditional herbs is something that shouldn’t be rushed.
Herbfarmacy believe in being fair, in growing herbs that don’t harm the environment, in making products without harming animals, in delivering great value products of exceptional quality, in supporting their local community and in enjoying what they do!
Herbfarmacy passion for plants & herbs is at the heart of every product they make. The process is steeped in the organic tradition & they maintain this through nurturing their herbs all the way from seed to making the creams & balms that nourishes your skin.
The dedicated Herbfarmacy team all live nearby and, wherever possible, we purchase supplies & services from local businesses. In this way they invest in the community, helping to maintain & improve the sustainability of the local economy, culture & way of life.
Organic means working within natural systems & cycles throughout all levels, from the soil to plants, maintaining long term fertility & natural biological activity.
Every year Herbfarmacy farming methods, herb crops & skincare products are inspected by the Soil Association to ensure their high standards & ecologically sound production methods are maintained. In 2014 the Soil Association presented Paul with an award for his long service to the organic movement.
This fantastic organic skincare range is chemical free, stylishly packaged and effective. Key medicinal herbs are selected, seeded, grown, harvested, processed and bottled in Herefordshire on the farm coming to you direct from seed to skin. 
FREE FROM: Parabens, Sulphates, DEA, PEGS, Petroleum, Minerals Oils, Artificial Fragrances & Colours, Silicones, Propylene Glycol. Not tested on animals - humans only!
Dr Paul Richards and his unique organic farm was featured on several popular BBC TV shows as "Escape to the Country" and more.


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