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Meet Your Skin’s Personal Support Team - Situational Skincare!
- Let skin do its thing with a little help from concentrated exfoliation, antioxidants, vitamins, non-fragrant plant oils & extracts, and cell-communicating & skin-identical ingredients.
Formulated without essential oils.


HoliFrog co-founders Emily Parr & Majeed Hemmat (New York, USA) have created next generation green beauty evolved into Situational Cleansing concept with an entire "cleansing wardrobe" - depending on what your face is feeling that day.

"I wanted a rich, milky cleanser for the morning, an acid one I could use post-workout, and I wanted to double cleanse every night with a balm that removes sunscreen + a deep-cleaning gel that didn't strip my skin, but have them all be super gentle for sensitive skin."- tells Emily.

The face washing stage of your skincare routine is essential to your skin’s health & the rest of your beauty regime. HoliFrog formulates clinically-effective & multi-functional cleansers + face care with bioactive ingredients that give positive results - nothing toxic, nothing irritating. 

Holistic-Functional: Every Ingredient Matters

HoliFrog formulas keep a very exclusive guest list of only ingredients that have a beneficial function. Everything from the base, the textures & the actives are purposefully picked because it helps your skin to perform at its healthiest. 

Percentages Matter: Quality Needs Quantities

HoliFrog believes in order for all natural ingredients to actually do their work, there’s got to be enough of them. This is where percentages come in. The ratios of surfactants, skin conditioners, actives need to be balanced at their optimal levels to contribute the most to your skin’s health. 

Every single ingredient in HoLifrog formulas has a function & purpose, selected for having the most beneficial role in our skin’s health.

It’s About Skin Strategy Over Skin Type

Skincare doesn’t begin & end once you’ve figured out your skin type. Skin types aren’t static—so many external and internal changes can affect how your skin behaves and what it needs. In fact, your skin reserves the right to switch types when it pleases. This is including but not limited to: age, life events, stress, seasons, climates, lifestyle changes... And the best strategies begin with understanding the situation. That’s why HoliFrog creates products to handle whatever situation may arise, not just skin type.

- Cold, dry weather calls for extra hydration & gentler actives.

- Warm, humid weather requires a bit more pore-clearing & light layers of moisture (+ sun protection, always).

Keeping your skin happy means keeping it in balance. Don’t underestimate your skin - it’s a very busy organ that’s trying to protect you while constantly adjusting to wherever you’re bringing it, what you’re putting on it, and how you’re treating it. Even when you’re on your best behavior, situations change and that’s where you’ve got to get strategic.

For those situations that you can’t necessarily plan for but tend to creep up on you anyway (breakouts, dullness, pigmentation, overly excited hormones), keep your medicine cabinet full of the appropriate potions to restore the balance.

Routines may rule our daily & weekly schedules, but when it comes to your skin, you have to make the call as to what it needs based on what you’re doing in it at the time. After all, skin is a living organ. It gets cranky, it gets thirsty, it has different needs at different times, so one-and-done is never going to cut it. It’s like eating the same meal every single day—technically functional but boring and also not super nutritious. That’s why you should tweak your skincare routine to your situation. Welcome to Situational Cleansing™.

First, let’s take your skin type into account:

On the dehydrated side? Tashmoo Waterlily Nourishing Milky Wash will start you off right. 
On the oilier side or somewhere in between? Superior Omega Nutritive Gel Wash will get your slate nice and fresh.
Dullness or breakouts rudely interrupting your glow? Allow Shasta AHA Refining Acid Wash’s targeted acids gently polish your complexion for smoother, glowing skin.
If your skin is really dehydrated or in need of kid gloves, Kissimmee Vitamin F Therapy Balmy Wash is a richly nourishing wash to pamper & feed your skin moisturising oils + vitamins - it’s also a really effective makeup-remover. 
Here’s a breakdown of a few everyday situations you may find your skin in & how HoliFrog wash can save it:
A day you’re wearing a full face of makeup: emulsify & fully remove all makeup, oil & grime with Kissimmee, and then follow up with Superiorfor a thorough clean that doesn’t strip your moisture barrier. 
When the wind-chill is punishing: Kissimmee and/or Tashmoo will soothe redness for  wind-ravaged skin
When the heat and humidity are downright excessive: Superior or Shasta will be the Windex for your pores, allowing them to feel clear & uncongested. 
After a satisfying workout: Let Shasta be your sweat suction & clear your canvas. 
After a day at the beach: Superior can gently clean your salt and sunscreen-soaked skin.
After that day at the beach left you with a tender sunburn: Tashmoo can cleanse your skin without further irritating or further drying it out. 
After a hike in the mountains: Definitely Kissimmee (really massage it in), followed by Superior to sweep everything down the drain.
When your skin is rebelling with breakouts: Shasta will smooth things over.


All HoliFrog natural products formulated WITHOUT: Acrylates, Alcohol (SD alcohol, ethanol, denatured, isopropyl, methanol or ethyl alcohol), Aluminum compounds, Benzalkonium Chloride, BPA, Butoxyethanol, Chemical Screens, Coal Tar Dyes, DEA, Detergent, Dyes, EDTA, Essential Oils, Ethoxylated ingredients, Formaldehyde, Fragrance, Heavy metal, Hydroquinone, MEA, Mercury + mercury compounds, Methylisothiazolinone, Mineral Oil, Palm oil, Parabens, PEGs, Phthalates, Polysorbate, Propylene Glycol, Recorcinol, Silicones, SLES, SLS, TEA, Triclosan.

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