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A mix of vibrant botanical actives, nutrient rich clays, gorgeous tropical fruits & pure organic Hawaiian nectars blended in intimate & aloha-infused batches on the lush north shore of Kauai.
Formulated by Leah, a certified Holistic Esthetician.   

Authenticity, intention, connection- these are the true roots of Leahlani Skincare (hand made in Hawaii, USA).

Leahlani is a journey that began with the brand founder Leah struggle with severe cystic acne 10 years ago. Recognizing that her body was out of balance, she set out on a quest for healing. Fate led her to Spa Luna, a holistic esthetician school on the Island of Maui.  With no prior knowledge of skincare & never having had a facial in her life, Leah felt a strong pull to trust her intuition. Her husband and her packed all of their belongings & moved from Oahu to Maui to embark on this new journey. Leah says: "In life, we have so many defining moments... moments that change our very existence. My experience in the year I spent on Maui did just that, it changed my life."

For the next few years, Leah immersed herself in the world of holistic skincare & soaked in as much knowledge & advanced education as she could. She became a Spa Director at the Hilton Spa on Kauai & also had the privilege of having her own private esthetician practice. Working one on one with her clients during this time proved to be her most valuable education. Leah says: "I have had the honor of touching hundreds of precious faces over the course of years in my practice, each face told a story of skin longing to be heard & longing to be healed. I quickly learned how valuable my hands truly are & what powerful healing tools they make. There was a common thread intertwined within all of my clients, it was that everyone was searching for a way to learn to love and care for their skin. Inspired, inspirited & intent; I set off to create a line of skincare that would transform a 'routine' into a 'ritual'.  Leahlani Skincare would not only heal my skin, it has expanded my heart in more ways then I can ever begin to interpret; connecting me to people all over the world through my precious potions. "

Leah intention is that you fall in love with your skincare ritual, from the second you open each jar. She invites you to experience a unique way to care for your skin, using products that combine some of the most opulent & luxurious ingredients that ensure that every step of their use is a celebration for the senses. Each time you open your jar, I hope you can escape into moments of pure serenity and sensory bliss. From the pure tropical fragrances, soft shades of colors from mother natures palette, silken textures and effervescent bubbles of botanical magic, these moments are for you to savor.

When something is made by hand with love, you can feel it. Each jar & bottle of Leahlani harnesses that connection & is infused with aloha. Become inspired to care for your skin by setting the intention for healing & each time that you touch your precious face, do so with tenderness & love. 

All of Leahlani skincare products are hand blended in intimate batches in their gorgeous studio, "The Mermaid Cove", on the North Shore of Kauai Island, USA. Leah blends fresh batches weekly & order her ingredients in smaller quantities to ensure ultimate freshness & potency.

Under each individual product listing, you will find a tab called "The Magic" where Leahlani shares with you the magic of each ingredient in every product & then benefits it will have on your skin.

FREE FROM: Parabens, Sulphates, DEA, PEGS, Petroleum, Minerals Oils, Artificial Fragrances & Colours, Silicones, Propylene Glycol.
Never tested on animals.
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