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Bio-Organic - Pure Plant Synergy- Actives - Peptides - Probiotics -
Innovative extraxtion method Micro-batches made 
Mel Millis ( made in England ) -an award-winning eco-luxury skincare -is based on its integrity to constantly strive in obtaining & using only the purest, freshest, nutrient rich, sustainably sourced, certified organic natural ingredients, only chosen for their individual ability to deliver exceptional, proven, effective results & not simply because of their organic status.
Mel Millis ethos is based on transparency & uncompromising principles to allow the customers to make informed choices. Re-energise, Re-balance, Re-vitalise forms the basis of Mel Millis phytonutri skincare collection. 
About Organic Phytonutrient Plant Extracts In Mel Millis Skincare:
Tracey Foy, the founder of Mel Millis says she created the Phytonutri Qi line, inspired by the power of natural ingredients from sources as diverse as the Arctic to the Atlantic Ocean.
Phytonutrients are thousands of organic chemical constituents found in the plant kingdom, with some plants containing in excess of 300 phytonutrients, they are the supreme rejuvenating, repairing & detoxifying agents provided to us by mother nature.
Mel Millis phytonutrient plant extracts have been obtained using a certified organic patented extraction process, performed in high tech laboratory conditions.
This cutting edge extraction method works without the use of high temperatures commonly used in steam distilled extraction. This helps to preserve the valuable constituents of the plants without altering their molecular composition.
Whilst other extraction methods leave behind a residue full of beneficial phytonutrients which cannot be broken down & utilised, Mel Millis innovative extraction method allows all of the plants properties from all parts of the plant to be extracted & utilised.
This plant alchemy allows to deliver the purest & most potent phytonutrients available into skincare that recreates the synergy of the whole plant, for proven long lasting results.
Bio-actives: Mel Millis bio-actives are highly active substances found in plant matter. They assist in the rejuvenation & regeneration of cells. They are nutritive, theraputic & help repair, restore & protect the skin form environmental stresses.
Peptides: Are short chains of Amino Acids. Peptides derived from plants act as selective transporters. They allow certain actives to pass into the cell through the cell membrane, stimulating the repair & production of collagen & elastin. Helping to reduce the appearance of visible lines & signs of ageing. By applying peptides to the skin you are in effect nourishing the skin with a protein diet that combats collagen loss & degradation.
Prebiotics - Inulin: Prebiotics are naturally derived from plant matter & are long chains of sugars that opportunistic bacteria cannot feed off. They inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria & promote the growth of beneficial bacteria by favouring & stimulating the symbiotic (friendly) bacteria growth.
Prebiotics are used by the skin to balance its delicate micro-flora, which is needed by the skin to function optimally, it enables the skin to stay healthy & protected from extrinsic environmental damages.
Mel Millis manufactures all of their products in micro-batches, in the UK, without outsourced base formulas. All conform to EU legislation & all carry safety assessment certification. This confirms their integrity in ensuring all of Mel Millis products are safe to use.
Mel Millis works tirelessly together with nature & its science, overseeing every part of the process ourselves. The company goes beyond organic to ensure their skincare delivers what it promises.
FREE FROM Parabens, GMOs, Petrochemicals, Artificial Fragrances, Synthetic Ingredients, Artificial Colourants, Pthalates,
Formaldeyhdes, Phenoxyethanol, TEA/DEA, Mineral Oil, Palm Oil, GMO'sAlcohol Free, Cruelty Free. Suitable For Vegans.
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