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Highly effective natural anti-aging & brightening skin care based on pristine healing organic botanicals, produced & sourced with integrity
MŪN simplifies beauty through innovation, creating extraordinarily pure & effective products that redefine their categories. MUN minimalist approach to natural skin care relies on healing botanicals, produced & sourced with integrity. Grown under pristine conditions that protect the soil’s complex ecosystem, they provide a greater volume of rich nutrients & potent bioactives. MUN balanced formulas, free of unnecessary additives, reduce sensitivities & deliver results. Working in synergy, MUN products nurture, balance & brighten all skin types for radiant vitality at every age.
MUN's essential ingredient is Prickly Pear Cactus, whose seeds yield an exquisite oil that has been used for centuries to counteract the effects of sun & aging. Prickly Pear is extremely high in essential fatty acids, Omega 6+9 + the natural antioxidant Vitamin E. It's also rich in amino acids, which stimulate collagen production to promote faster cell turnover. Plus it also contains Vitamin K, which brightens under-eye dark circles & also promote your skin’s elasticity.
MŪN (based in New York, USA) is founded by international celebrity makeup artist & beauty expert Munemi Imai together with an entrepreneur & Fair Trade Advocate Anas Saidi.
Co-founder Munemi discovered her love for makeup as a young girl growing up in Hiroshima, Japan. Not realizing she could make a career out of it, she moved to Tokyo to work as an esthetician. A free spirit, it didn’t take long for Munemi to realize that being cooped up in a salon environment was not for her. A former boss asked if she would be interested in assisting a friend who was a hair & makeup artist on a shoot, intrigued, she accepted & was immediately drawn to the excitement of being on set.
In 2001, Munemi moved to New York City to pursue a freelance makeup artist career. Her talent was recognized & she landed jobs with Vogue & ELLE magazines. Her work has since appeared in ad campaigns for Marc Jacobs, Altuzarra, Avon, Shu Uemura, graced major runway shows in NYC, Paris & Milan and been featured in leading publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, InStyle & Vogue. Munemi has also beautified celebrities clients such as Solange Knowles, Tilda Swinton, Keri Russell, Naomie Harris, Christy Turlington, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson.
During a brief illness at one point in her career, Munemi discovered the powerful benefits of natural ingredients - in the food we eat as well as the personal care & beauty products we use. Profoundly inspired, she developed a deep passion for green living & embarked upon a journey to unite the worlds of fashion & sustainability. The switch to pure, natural & minimally processed foods & beauty products was a revelation.
A research trip to Morocco to source healing ingredients led her to the exquisite oil of the Prickly Pear Cactus, used for centuries by many indigenous cultures for its medicinal properties. This wonderful plant & the country where she discovered it, became instrumental in the founding of MŪN.
Today Munemi is fully dedicated to growing her results-driven skin care line & remains an active makeup artist. An avid juicer & believer in aromatherapy, she passionately advocates living a green lifestyle.
Co-founder Anas Saidi was raised in a Moroccan Berber household by a mother committed to fighting for women’s rights through social & political activism, he inherited a passion for social justice. After building a successful career in New York in the worlds of finance & engineering, he was ready to create a business that would support genuine economic growth in his country of origin.
A chance encounter with Munemi on a flight from Casablanca was truly serendipitous. Together, they dreamed of a multicultural company that could have a positive impact on individuals, on communities & on the planet. In his wide-ranging role at MŪN, Anas has facilitated access to Morocco’s unique resources by building mutually beneficial partnerships with the women-owned co-operatives that produce the natural botanicals used in many of the brand’s products.
MUN is very proud of their partnership with a union of women’s co-operatives in Morocco. Made up of primarily Berber women, ages 18 to 50, the co-ops produce the Argan, Prickly Pear Seed & Olive oils used in MŪN products. The operation is a self-regulated, functioning ecosystem, with new trees planted according to the desired scope of production, which depends directly on your purchasing patterns. Profits from the co-ops support a social fund that provides tutors to teach the women how to read & write, as well as scholarships for their children to attend college; and a health fund that covers healthcare costs. It has also provided these women with some autonomy in a society traditionally dominated by men. 21 new jobs have been added as a result of the demand from MUN customers & this is just a start! MUN business is driven by a desire to collaborate across cultures, empower others and enable sustainable economic development.
MUN business model ensures the company adhere to the highest standards of fair trade & sustainable development.
FREE FROM: alcohol, parabens, propylene or butylene glycols, petroleum, sulphates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, artificial dyes, syntetic fragrances or carcinogens, fillers. Natural, organic, vegan friendly, fair-trade produced.
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