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The design-awarded Radius makes a range of tooth eco-brushes from sustainable materials with unique ergonomic designs. Each brush lasts up to 9 months and has 300% more bristles than a standard brush to keep your whole mouth clean. Clever handle design encourages brushing with just the right amount of pressure and reduces enamel erosion. 
Radius brushes are made in the USA where they have had a cult following since 1982. They are approved by the American Dental Association and fans include Sting, Cher & Martha Stewart.
The Radius Benefits: 
  • Ergonomic handles are easy to grip and distribute pressure lightly and evenly over the gums. They also encourage brushing at the 45 degree angle recommended by dentists
  • Radius brushes have up to 300% more bristles than a regular toothbrush
  • The bristles are much softer & finer and they reach further down into the gap between the teeth & gums
  • The wide head brushes teeth and massages gums at the same time
  • Radius bristles do not absorb water and they last up to 3 times longer as a result. Radius brushes need to be replaced every 9 months instead of 3!
  • Radius toothbrushes are made by hand from very high quality materials and each one is carefully inspected - standard toothbrushes are made automatically without manual inspection
  • Made of BPA-free plastic safe for children and babies

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