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"I finally found the holy grail of natural beauty products — a chemical-free deodorant that really works.” - WHOLE LIVING
In 2002  Rachel Winard, Soapwalla founder & chef, began making skincare products in her Brooklyn apartment kitchen. She had recently been diagnosed with systemic lupus, a chronic, systemic autoimmune condition that almost always affects the skin, and that led her on a quest to find pure, effective skincare products. What she found were products with ingredients she couldn’t pronounce—and certainly could not put on her sensitive skin. They say “necessity is the mother of invention,” which was certainly true in Rachel's case: if she needed a skincare product, she had to formulate one. A few years earlier she had made the decision to forego the classical violin training that had landed her at Juilliard. Columbia Law School followed, and resulted in a short but fierce big law firm career.
"Clearly, it was now time for another change in the trajectory of my life"- says Rachel- "I was going to create holistic face & body products of the highest quality, and she was going to make them available for the public. Creating things with healing plants & foods is something I find irresistible. Leaving the corporate world allowed me to immerse myself in the research & development of the growing line of Soapwalla products. I studied aromatherapy & the therapeutic properties of essential oils. I devoured textbooks on nutritional healing. I read old wives’ tales & current cutting-edge research on herbal therapies & cell regeneration. In 2006, a lupus flare-up landed me on a cocktail of powerful chemicals (chemotherapy and steroid treatments). I felt terrible and could barely function. This was not working and I decided to try an entirely different approach—one more in keeping with my life philosophy. I flew to India and spent the next four months pursuing Ayurvedic treatments & practicing ashtanga yoga. My time in India was life-changing, and provided me with the clarity to dedicate myself to the study of botanicals, aromatherapy & whole-body nutrition. I have tremendous respect for these philosophies and I know they play a major part of my skincare remedies."
In 2012, Soapwalla range expanded even if very product is made to order by hand in small batches to ensure quality, freshness & the utmost attention to detail.
Word of Soapwalla grows & Rachel continues to create cosmetic culinary creations. When she is not busy in the Soapwalla kitchen, you will find her playing violin, composing original works, practicing ashtanga yoga, and teaching community yoga classes to lupus patients.
Soapwalla Deodarant cream has achieved a cult status skincare product among top beauty editors, green beauty- & vegan communities and Hollywood celebrities.
FREE FROM SLS, PEGs, DEA, parabens, harsh & harmful chemicals, syntetic fragrances & coulours, petroleum, or aluminum compounds that are frequently found in commercial antiperspirants, and is NEVER tested on animals.
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