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100% advanced natural luxury & non-toxic products made fresh in Vermont, for transformative results without compromise. More ingredients. More results. Meet complex formulas - without a single drop of artificial chemicals.

*Tata Harper has been at the forefront of luxurious & natural skincare products since launching her eponymous line nearly seven years ago. She researched her collection with a team of 8 chemists, herbalists & biologist, and searched for the most potent ingredients across the world, from the Amazon to Egypt. Now, Tata Harper grows ingredients, manufactures & packages her entire line of products from her 1 200-acre Vermont, USA complex which features a certified-organic farm.
“When my stepfather was diagnosed with cancer, it kickstarted a wellness journey for me,” Tata Harper said. “I switched to natural everything, but I couldn’t find beauty products that didn’t force me to sacrifice results or safety. I knew that if I wanted a solution that was 100% natural & effective, other women would too, so I decided to create my own.”
Colombian-born Tata Harper parlayed her background as an industrial engineer into her mission to create a healthy skincare line, sourcing new technology from labs around the world & pairing it with fresh, organic home-grown ingredients.
“We source the most advanced technology from around the globe & grow the herbs for our Estate Grown Beauty Complex on our Certified Organic farm in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, where we have our labs & manufacturing facilities,” Tata Harper said. “We do every step of manufacturing ourselves on the farm, from creating our formulas from scratch to filling & packaging our products. We wanted to create a really unique value proposition, and I think we have; where else can you find a product that gives you global technology & was made fresh by hand?”
Tata Harper launched her company by testing lab samples of her products on her family & friends. It turned out that her inner circle loved the products so much, that they wanted to buy them.
Tata said - “When we first launched, the perception was that effective, luxurious, natural products didn’t exist & that what we wanted to do was impossible. People really weren’t open to the idea of natural luxury. Now, people have seen the benefits of healthy natural products through the success of the natural food movement & through the explosion of the once-exclusive wellness movement around the world. In general, people are much more open to the idea of naturals than when we started & there isn’t much convincing we need to do. They have learned that natural really is the ultimate luxury & are willing to pay more for fresh, high-quality ingredients.”
Tata Harper is constantly working to improve their technology, their packaging & their sustainability, to stay at the forefront of developments in beauty & keep solving problems for women so they can age beautifully & stay healthy.*
(*written by Vivienne Decker, Forbes magazine).

High-Performance Ingredients. Why Tata Harper Skin Care formulas different?

Tata Harper have maximum ingredients at higher levels of concentration. The company believes your skincare should multi-task as much as you do—so you’ll see a library of ingredients that deliver incredible results.

More ingredients. More results. Meet complex formulas.

 A pioneer in natural luxury skincare, Tata couldn't find 100% natural products that were up to her impeccable standards of efficacy, quality & purity. So she started Tata Harper Skincare to make them - for herself & for women like her who refuse to risk their health for beauty. If she doesn’t feel that a product is perfect, the company won’t launch it.
"In farm to face skincare, we use the real thing, the original natural ingredients, and make products that are completely fresh when they reach our customers. Freshness is so important, because as a product ages its ingredients change & break down, and won’t give you the benefits they were intended to." - says Tata.

300+ raw ingredients: African Wild Grape, Inca Inchi, Narcissus Bulb Extract, Fermented Giant Bamboo, Edelweiss Stem Cells, Pomegranate Hydrospheres, Grape Polyphenols. Not your everyday botanicals. Tata Harper is always sourcing radical new revelations in botanical beauty.
68 countries: the high quality ingredients come from around the globe & each has been hand selected by Tata for its unique benefit to your skin.

43+ high performance ingredients: some companies focus on a single ingredient & surround it with fillers. But Tata Harper Skin care exist because Tata knows that more matters.
Tata Harper Skin Care believes that more matters.
Every single product Tata harper makes is a Complex Formula. It pack the most ingredients at the highest levels of concentration to deliver maximum results—without a single drop of artificial chemicals. The company created Complex Formulas for uncompromising women who expect the best & want the most results from their skincare. Tata Harper Skin Care non-toxic products will never make women choose between health & results or between natural & high-performance. Women shouldn’t have to compromise their ideals when it comes to beauty. That’s why every product the company makes is formulated without compromise.  Look for the High Performing Ingredients icon on your box & on our site to see just how many bioactive botanicals are working to make your skin beautiful.

Why should you invest in Tata Harper products?

  • Quality sources: sourced more than 300 different ingredients from over 68 countries. The best organic ingredients come from all over the globe – and Tata leaves no stone unturned to find the best. Tata Harper Skin Care believes in quality over quantity – that means no mass-produced ingredients. When they need Prickly Pear Cactus, they know the best place to get that is the Galapagos Islands, because the plants love the sun (and they also help feed the iguana population there too). In fact, the company spends up to 75% of their costs on raw ingredients for certain formulations—so you aren’t just paying for a pretty bottle, you’re paying for what’s inside.
  • Intense concentrations: most brands will get clinical feedback on a raw ingredient & put the bare minimum in the formula to deliver just the bare amount of results possible because that’s the most cost-efficient way to make products. But Tata Harper believes more matters. If science shows that a result requires a minimum of 0.1% you’ll likely see much more than that percentage (and anywhere from 2-4X what their competitors put in) to deliver what Tata Harper finds is the absolute best possible result to their clients.
  • More ingredients: not many puts as many ingredients in one bottle like Tata Harper does. You’ll see that illustrated most in the HPI number you see on your bottle—that stands for High Performance Ingredient & it is upwards of 40+ in any given product. The whole single ingredient approach is great if you want one benefit, but since when did you ever want just one of anything?
  • Complex chemistry: to pack so many ingredients at high levels of concentrations (with an all natural preservative system) is pretty much the hardest engineering equation you’ll ever encounter. Lucky for Tata Harper Skin care has some of the smartest batch masters & chemists in the country to tackle them on a daily basis.  
  • Certifications: the company has voluntarily taken steps to ensure that both their products & business are third-party certified so you can trust that when Tata Harper Skin Care says they're committed to nontoxic & eco-friendly practices, they really mean it.
Tata Harper’s mission is simple: to create products that are both luxurious & super effective, without the use of any synthetic chemicals. Tata Harper 100% natural, vegan & organic range is designed to improve skin vitality & radiance. Made in small batches at their laboratories in Vermont, each product marries the finest natural & organic ingredients with the latest skin care technology.
Tata Harper is carried at top international department stores worldwide & counts many celebrity fans including Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington, Ivanka Trump, Julianne Moore, Emma Watson, Bella Hadid.
100 % natural, organic certified, organic farm-grown, cruelty free certified, vegetarian cetified.
FREE FROM: GMO, toxins, fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals & synthetic scents, parabens.  



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