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Goodbye Botanika ® eco-chic loyalty gift box (from 2019-12-31) - hello Botanika ® LOYALTY POINTS e-GIFT REWARD (from 2020-01-01)!

Botanika ® LOYALTY POINTS REWARD is our new e-gift voucher reward service to thank you for being our loyal alice&white customer!

  • Every time You buy from us You earn your Loyalty Points: 1 SEK = 1 Loyalty Point* (will expire end of each year*
    • As soon as You reach 5000 Loyalty Points* we will send Your 500 SEK LOYALTY POINTS e-GIFT REWARD VOUCHER  - a gratitude for Your loyalty & support! (*will expire end of each year
  • The e-gift reward voucher will be send electronically to your registered email address & will contain your personal code with value 500 SEK. You can redeem it on your next online order/s & it will be valid on any products & collections until whole amount of 500 SEK is used in full or/and until expired by the end of each year.


  • You will receive Your 500 SEK BOTANIKA LOYALTY POINTS e-GIFT VOUCHER** from us every time You reach required 5000 LPs!* 

(*your annual Loyalty Points & e-gift Loyalty Points voucher expire end of each year*).

**Loyalty Points expire end of each year. For example, Loyalty points earned from 2021-01-01 and during this year will expire on 2021-12-31.  

  • You don’t have to collect Your shopping history or wonder how much spent already - we got it all covered & will keep track for You. You can always find Your latest LP status on your paper invoice copy we post with Your order. Or feel free to email us anytime for your LP update!
  • This LP=loyalty points service is valid on all purchases made with us at alice&white web-shop. Obs! in order not to miss your showroom shopping LP you'll need to tell us your email address & approve iZettle cusotmer database invite so we can update manually your LPs in our system.

**Botanika box Loyalty points earned in 2020 expired on 2020-12-31. Botanika e-Gift Voucher Loyalty points & e-Gift Vouchers earned from 2021-01-01 will expire end of the day on 2021-12-31.

Please email us for more info or for Your Loyalty Points status update:

Thank you!

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