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our ingredients policy

We have the strictest criteria for selecting our range of natural and organic cosmetics. We scrupulously check the ingredients, origin and effectiveness of each product before they make it to our stock. We provide the full list of ingredients and as much information for each product on our website so our customers can make informed choices. In our products you will find:

No SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)
No harsh detergents
No parabens
No petroleum
No artificial colours
No artificial fragrances
No artificial preservatives*
No GM, pesticides or herbicide residues
No toxins or harmful synthetics
No formaldehyde, UREA, DMDM, PVP, PVC, phthalates, triclosan, hydroquinone
No wasteful packaging and when possible 100% biodegradable/recyclable
No animal ingredients with only a few exceptions (such as milk extracts or beeswax)
No animal testing or any type of cruelty

Vi also try to avoid products contain propylene glycol/PEGs (Polyethylene Glycol)*- However *these ingredients have been allowed in some products based on approval by organic certification agencies, manufacturers’ guarantees of no contamination and/or vegetal origin.
Nail polishes contain non-toxic synthetics, as completely natural nail polish is not yet possible to manufacture.

Best Before Dates
Many natural and organic products produced in small batches have an expiration date. While this may cost a little more, it means that you'll always receive the freshest product possible. The majority of our products will arrive with an expiration date of close to 12-18 months. To get the very best out of the natural organic products, we recommend using the products within 6 months after opening. Store your eco-products in a cool dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.

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