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Agent Nateur Uni(sex) N°5 Deodorant 50ml

by: Agent Nateur

329 SEK

Sans aluminum (the toxic ingredient mimics estrogen and the underarm can absorb up to 100% of what you apply), this unisex, handmade deodorant blend includes seductive Vetiver, heart opening Rose, calming Sandalwood, leathery Citrus & warm Cedarwood. 

This A-list celebrities favourite, super chic u n i (s e x)  deodorant is formulated with 100% natural ingredients & glides on smoothly to leave you smelling fresh throughout the day.
Appeals to all sexes with its free-spirited & seductive scent of vetiver, rose, sandalwood, cistus, & cedarwood. 
The subtly unisex scented formula really works & it looks fantastic, too.
If you are sensitive to baking soda or other natural ingredients Agent Nateur  recommends that you try an apple cider vinegar wash prior to using the deodorant. Apply apple cider vinegar & warm water to a wash towel & pat your underarms before applying the deodorant. This has alleviated the rash & allowed those who are sensitive to continue using natural deodorant that contains baking soda.
    • Coconut oil - reduces inflammation, keeping skin moisturized + the medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil also possess antimicrobial properties that can help protect the skin from bacteria
    • Avocado butter - is rich in vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. It also protects, moisturizes & nourishes skin
    • Castor oil - is antimicrobial & protects the skin from bacterial infections
    • formulated to keep odours at bay without the use of toxic chemicals
    • glides on smoothly
    • eco-chic, unisex & long lasting 
    • Agent Nateur products are created with non-gmo, food-grade ingredients for safe even for the most sensitive skin

    • aluminium-free, non-GMO, pesticide-free, cruelty-free

    • 100% natural & organic certified food-grade ingredients

    How to use:

    • apply to the underarms & use throughout the day, if needed

    • if very sensitive to baking soda, we recommend that you try an apple cider vinegar wash before applying (see Jena's tip above) - this helps alleviate any reaction & allows you to continue using natural deodorant

    • Jena’s Notes:  If your skin is sensitive, shave the night before. Also, a little goes a long way. If N5 is staining your shirt, you’re using too much product. Blot underarms with a dry washcloth or apply less.

    Scent: unisex, lightly scented with luxurious classy & subtly musky Vetiver, calming Sandalwood, leathery Cistus & warm Cedarwood.
    Texture: solid stick
    FREE FROM: aluminium, alcohol, GMO, pesticides, fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals & synthetic scents, parabens.  
    Ingredients: organic cocos nucifera, (coconut oil), cera alba(beeswax) sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), persea gratissima, (avocado butter), helianthus annuus (sunflower butter), ricinus communis (castor oil), a proprietary blend of essential oils & love.

    Packaging: recyclable plastic twist up tube w/lid in recyclable paper box
    Made in: Los Angeles, USA
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    type: deo by: Agent Nateur
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