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Forrest & Love FOME - Focus Meditation Aroma Cushion - yoga & meditation

by: forrest & love

329 SEK

Precious resin of Frankincense has been spreading its healing powers since ancient times. When blended with Dried Rose, Sandalwood, Rosemary & other precious herbs, your mind can relax instantly & uplift your spirit.
While studying, focusing at work or meditating let the FOME cushion be by your side to disconnect you from any unpleasant thoughts & constant mental chatter.
Size: 20cm x 12cm
Holistic benefits:
  • scent for soul seeking focus & concentration 
  • place at work desk, study table, car or bedside
  • 100% natural, ethically sourced, wild-grown, vegan, cruelty free, artisanal & ehtically handmade, biodegradable
Essential oils: 
  • Patchouli (pogostemon cablin) - it's earthy musky scent has a grounding & balancing effect on your mind, creates an atmosphere of tranqvilitty when used during prayers, meditation or when concentrating.
  • Frankincense (boswellia serrata) - this exotic woody scented resin can calm down extreme emotions & perpetual restlessness, helps channelizing excessive energy & heightens concentration in those who lack focus.
    • Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) - it's stimulating & heralded for help in memory retention & staying focus, good choice for staying focused while driving & long study nights.
    • Holy Basil (ocimum sanctum) - known as "the elixir of life" it's warm, sweet aroma blends well for creating an energising & stimulating aroma cushion.
    • Vetiver (vetiveria zizanioides) - a soothing, calming & grounding herb. Helps fight exhaustion, addressing anger & coping with fear or incesurity.
    • Sandalwood chips (santalum album) -  procured from legally harvested heartwood of the sandal tree, are one of the finest grade chips blended in your cushion. Calms your emotions, strengthening  your ability to shift into a peaceful state of mind & restore harmony within you.
    • Cardamom (elettaria cardamomum) - an exotic scent for when you find yourself emotionally overwhelmed & drained. Uplifting & energizing, helps you relax & unwind with clarity & confidence. 
    • Indian Ginseng (withania somnifera) - Ashwagandha is one of the most popular anti-stress herbs in the history of Ayurvedic healing. Inhaling this aroma, specially in the early hourse of the day during meditation, yoga, prayers & learning can promote the functions of the brain, increase your memory power & intellect.
    • Dried Rose (rosa centifolia) - rose petals can help to soothe a stressed & overthinking mind, give your body a healthy harmless relief against headache with its soothing & relaxing fragrance.
            How to use: every cushion has its unique property & can be used as per ones mental requirement. Depending on its type, you can keep your aroma cushions at your work desk, in your car, beside your sleeping pillow, on your reading corner table or beside your meditation / yoga exercising mat while meditating or exercising. The magical aromatic blends will diffuse through your aroma cushions & arouse your mind & spirit.
            Scent: scent for focus & concentration. A woody resin of Frankincense blended with herbal fresh Dried Rose, Sandalwood, Rosemary & other precious herbs to relax your mind & uplift your spirit.
            FREE FROM artificial, synthetic aromas, chemicals & paraffin.
            Cushion dimensions: 20cm x 12cm
            Inner Cover: 100% Muslin
            Outer Cover: 100% AZO free dyed Cotton
            100% Natural, 100% Handmade, 100% Vegan, 100% Biodegradable
            As a shield for retaining the aromas from diffusion, the cushions are packed in biodegradable plastic covers & then packed in their beautifully carved paper boxes.
            Hand-made in: India
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