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Forrest & Love SELO - Sensual Love Aroma Cushion - yoga & meditation

by: forrest & love

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Let the pillow talk begin! Place you Forrest & Love SELO aroma cushion beside your sleep pillow. Its mystical scents will reassure you that it is safe to let go & allow your heart to be at its will - Go wild tonight! 

Some of our oldest cultures have used herbs & essential oils to experience a heightened sense of intimacy for centuries. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Indians & many other folks used aromatic plants topically & in bathing rituals as sensual stimulants to fire up the libido. The use of these herbs & oils have thankfully stood the test of time & proven their ability to stimulate & sustain sexuality during lovemaking.
Size: 20cm x 12cm
Holistic benefits:
  • enhances sensuality & attraction between lovers
  • elevates sexual energy
  • removes barriers of frigidity, loss of libido & sexual weakness
  • 100% natural, ethically sourced, wild-grown, vegan, cruelty free, artisanal & ehtically handmade, biodegradable
Essential oils: 
  • Ylang ylang (cananga odorata) - thanks to its aphrodisiac properties, it enhances sensuality, attraction between lovers & increases the libido. Its aroma elevates sexual energy & enhances physical relationship.
  • Rosewood (aniba rosaeodora) - an aphrodisiac & a mood lifter - known to cut through anxieties, renowned for instilling positivity, hope & optimism. Great emotions to boost your sexuality! 
  • Dried Rose (rosa centifolia) - with its sublime power to awaken the human heart, roses are the symbol of love & sensuality.
  • Black Pepper (piper nigrum) - possesses a unique versatility that is both energizing & warming. Invigorating the senses, it enhances mental clarity & allure passion. 
  • Cardamom (elettaria cardamomum) - this warm-spicy, somewhat floral aroma ignites dormant passions & encourages intimacy by removing barriers of frigidity, loss of libido & sexual weakness. 
  • Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) - considered sacred worldwide, with its renewing properties soothes your body & soul, promoting a positive relaxing ambience for love.
  • Sandalwood Chips (santalum album) - procured from legally harvested heartwood of the sandal tree, are one of the finest grade chips blended in your cushion. The pure sandalwood chips will calm your emotions, strengthening your ability to make contact with an open & compassionate heart & help you shift into a peaceful state of mind. 
  • Cinnamon (cinnamomum) - let it be your physical & emotional stimulant as it helps in decreasing lethargy, bad temper & tiredness.
  • Bay Leaves (cinnamomum tamala) - the fragrance will instantly help to open up your channels of creativity, blocking thoughts of uncertainty & doubts. 
      How to use: every cushion has its unique property & can be used as per ones mental requirement. Depending on its type, you can keep your aroma cushions at your work desk, in your car, beside your sleeping pillow, on your reading corner table or beside your meditation / yoga exercising mat while meditating or exercising. The magical aromatic blends will diffuse through your aroma cushions & arouse your mind & spirit.
      Scent: scent for soul seeking passionate sensual love. SELO cushion has a warm, woody, yet spicy aroma.
      FREE FROM artificial, synthetic aromas, chemicals & paraffin.
      Cushion dimensions: 20cm x 12cm
      Inner Cover: 100% Muslin
      Outer Cover: 100% AZO free dyed Cotton
      100% Natural, 100% Handmade, 100% Vegan, 100% Biodegradable
      As a shield for retaining the aromas from diffusion, the cushions are packed in biodegradable plastic covers & then packed in their beautifully carved paper boxes.
      Hand-made in: India
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