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Leahlani Skincare KALIMA CLEANSING POWDER, 100ml - cream cleansing powder + mask

by: Leahlani Skincare

629 SEK

Your cleansing ritual will never be the same. Silken coconut milk, soothing oatmeal, pure vitamin C + antioxidant rich tropical fruits, softening clays & organic vanilla beans come together to create the most exotic & opulent cleansing powder you have ever experienced. 
Kalima is the Hawaiian word for cream.
Once you activate Kalima with water, it will metamorphose in your palm, transforming into a pink potion emanating soft vanilla & citrus note that will gently exfoliate & thoroughly cleanse your skin, leaving your complexion soft & silken.
Each step of cleansing with Kalima is a ritual of beauty, which begins the second you pour its soft powder into your palm.
Organic Hibiscus Flower, wildcrafted Camu Camu Fruit & water activated vitamin C are a powerhouse trio working harmoniously together to boost collagen production & even out the complexion. When used as a cleansing mask, Kalima is especially magical at helping to fade post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Truly enjoy. 
  • Kalima works beautifully to help deeply cleanse the skin, leaving the complexion soft & supple
  • when used as a cleansing mask, Kalima will draw out oils & impurities while the water activated Vitamin C works its magic to help promote a more even skin tone
  • 100% natural, organic, ethically sourced, wild grown, vegan & cruelty free, artisanal & hand-blended

    Key botanicals:

    • Organic Coconut Milk - softens & moisturizes the skin & contains skin loving vitamin A+C+calcium+iron+natural proteins. Coconut milk helps to soothe irritated skin & the natural fatty acids help to clarify & tone
    • Wildcrafted Banana - fruit is rich in potassium+ vitamin A. Banana is great for dry skin, providing adequate moisture & hydration
    • Organic Oatmeal - has a soothing effect on the skin. Oatmeal contains water binding polysaccharides & hydrocolloids that hold moisture against the skin acting as an emollient, helping to soften & heal the skin. Oatmeal has also been known to alleviate atopic dermatitus & contact dermatitus
    • Leahlani makes a signature in house blend of genuine Hawaiian alaea sea salt & organic vanilla beans - ground into a fine & silken powder. Alaea salt gets its pink color from the particles of volcanic red clay. Alaea clay is composed of over x 80 separate minerals & is rich in iron oxide. Combining this with vanilla brings a serene balance of purification while introducing an abundance of minerals to the skin.
    • Organic Hibiscus Flower - Leahlani uses the red ‘roselle’ hibiscus flower. This particular flower has been dubbed the “Botox plant” because of its firming & lifting abilities on the skin. Hibiscus contains natural AHA which can help speed cellular renewal, mildly exfoliate the skin & control acne breakouts. Hibiscus helps to strengthen elasticity & moisturize the skin & the presence of anthocyanocides help to make the pores appear smaller due to its astringent properties.
    • Organic Brown Rice Powder - is a gentle, yet effective exfoliant that helps to cleanse daily pollutants & slough off dead skin cells. 
    • Guava & Camu Camu Fruits - full of skin loving vitamin C+antioxidants. The natural acids in these super-fruits help to even skin tone & mildly exfoliate. Camu Camu fruit is a superfood & is one of the greatest sources of vitamin C which helps to lighten & even out the skin tone
    • Bentonite Clay - derived from volcanic ash, this clay can produce a sort of electric charge when activated with water, which makes it effective at absorbing & removing toxins & impurities in the skin
    • Rose Clay is full of iron oxides, which give it that beautiful rosey color. Rose clay provides mild exfoliation & enhances circulation, regnerates collagen & elastin & helps promote new cell growth. Rose clay also helps reduce inflammation, tighten pores & helps to fade hyperpigmentation
    • Kaolin Clay - also known as white clay or china clay. Kaolin is very gentle & helps to mildly exfoliate the skin & stimulates circulation, leaving you with a soft complexion & a healthy glow
    • Rosehip Fruit - contains vitamin C + 32 other vitamins + minerals. Rosehip is high in antioxidants & helps improve elasticity, it also has anti-inflammatory & astringent properties. 
    • Ascorbic Acid - Leahlani uses a GMO free & non irradiated source of ascorbic acid, making it a very pure source. Ascorbic acid is truly vitamin C royalty for the skin. Once activated with water, ascorbic acid comes to life. Skin benefits include:
    • a more even skin tone & reduction in brown spots
    • a boost in collagen production
    • helps to fade post breakout red markings (post inflammatory hyper pigmentation) by increasing the skins healing response     
    • Honeysuckle whole Flower powder - has been used for years in Chinese medicine. It is antiviral & antibacterial & can help assist in clearing acne & other skin eruptions. Leahlani uses the whole flower, this is not an extract or liquid preservative. 

     Recommended for: 

    • daily weekly face treatment / 1-2 times per week
    • all skin types especially congested, hyperpigmented, prone to acne & inflammation
    How to use: Make sure to remove eye makeup first by using BLESS beauty balm. Start by pouring 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of Kalima powder into the palm of your hand. Slowly add water, drop by drop, until your reach an ideal consistency. For a more exfoliating cleanse, add less water. For a more gentle cleanse, add a few more drops. Blend the powder in your palm until it starts to froth& activate- ensuring that the ingredients are fully integrated. Gently massage into moist skin in circular motions. Rinse well with warm water.
    For use as a deep-cleansing mask, allow Kalima to dry before rinsing & gently pat your skin dry with a cotton towel.
    Avoid getting water in the jar to preserve freshness & extend the shelf life. 
    Scent: soft vanilla & citrus note
    Texture: dry powder 
    FREE FROM parabens, mineral oil, silicon, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances, sulphates, GMOs, PEGs, DEA, TEA, animal-derived ingredients.
    Ingredients: Organic coconut milk (Cocos Nucifera), organic brown rice powder (Oryza Sativa), bentonite clay, kaolin clay, rose clay, organic wildcrafted whole guava fruit (Psidium Guajava), organic hibiscus flower (Hibiscus Rosa-Senensis), organic wildcrafted whole banana fruit (Musa Sapientum), organic camu camu fruit (Myrciaria dubia), organic rosehip fruit (Rosa Moschata), vanilla bean powder (Vanilla planifolia), organic coconut (Cocos Nucifera), honeysuckle flower (Lonicera japonica), Leahlani Tahitian vanilla sea salt (Hawaiian alaea sea salt and organic vanilla bean), organic colloidal oatmeal (Avena Sativa), L-ascorbic acid (GMO free and non irradiated), sodium bicarbonate, tangerine essential oil (Citrus Tangerina), mandarin essential oil (Citrus nobilis), vanilla oil (vanilla Planifolia) and LOVE. 
    Packaging: reusable & recyclable matt glas bottle w/lock
    Made in: Hawaii, USA
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