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Radius Scuba Soft Eco-Toothbrush - left hand grip

by: radius

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The RADIUS SCUBA toothbrush is American Dental Association “accepted” for prevention of gingivitis & removal of plaque. The SCUBA has an ergonomically designed handle that is available in right or left hand for accurate & improved brushing. Made from recycled rubber to give a “flex-neck” to reduce & alleviate pressure from hard brushers.
The Radius Original and Scuba are designed the same way with the large head & angled neck. The Original grip is made from a hard cellulose plastic & the Scuba grip is made from recycled rubber. The rubber gives the Scuba a “Flex-neck" which will reduce and alleviate pressure from hard brushers.
For its bristles RADIUS uses nylon - it absorbs very little moisture in use & has the ability to bounce back to its original shape after use (memory) making it long lasting.
This cool looking Radius ScubaToothbrush provides an all-over mouth clean. A wide oval head with 300% more premium bristles than any ordinary toothbrush distributes pressure, reduces erosion, and massages sensitive gum tissue while the handle has an ergonomic grip ensuring a dentist-recommended 45 degree angle.
The wide massaging head helps reduce chronic bleeding & receding gums. When you brush your teeth, you want to include your gums as well and the Scuba makes sure that you’re reaching your entire mouth.  This is a left hand grip brush. 
RADIUS is a different kind of company - they refine the objects used in our daily life: well designed, they can make life easier & add joy to a mundane task while being sensitive to our impact on the environment. Toothbrushes that are easy to use & great to look at. RADIUS has a dedicated following of users including Sting, Cher, Whoopi Goldberg and many more.
  • 6,500 soft bristles, three times more than ordinary brushes
  • accepted by the American Dental Association
  • ergonomic design, with a wide oval head, a thumb grip & broad handle allow for accurate placement, gentle brushing & superior results
  • right or left hand versions automatically place the bristles at 45° to the gums, recommended by the ADA, but not achieved by ordinary brushes
  • rubber handle bends to alleviate pressure if you are brushing too heavily
  • improves gum health with soft wide massage
  • protects gumline to help reduce receding & bleeding hence helps reduce risk of heart disease with healthier gums
  • natural bio-plastic handle & bristles to eliminate fossil fuels
  • wide head format - brushes teeth & massages gums simultaneously
  • lasts three times longer than regular brushes
  • sustainable, BPA-free, non toxic, vegan & cruelty free certified
Recommended for: 
  • adults
  • left hand grip 
Colour: available in various colours 
Product Dimensions: 5.7 x 8.3 x 22.9 cm
Made of: BPA-free soft toothbrush with premium nylon bristles, handle is made from recycled rubber
Packaging: recyclable paper & plastic folder 
Made in: USA
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