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YÜLI Cell Perfecto PM Serum, 30ml- night oil to treat hyperpigmentation & acne scars

by: YÜLI

1 399 SEK

An advanced corrective serum suitable for all skin types to fade hyper-pigmentation, correct dark spots & discolouration, heal acne scars & sun damage for a brighter, smoother, more even complexion.

This intensive, concentrated spot treatment contains one of the most active formulations to dramatically reduce skin damage: healing acne scars, discolouration & correcting hyper-pigmentation.
Revolutionary blend contains time-released & oxygen-activated key co-factors that refine complexion & remodel scar tissue (including a variety of acne scars) through a potent synergy of regenerative organic botanical actives & advanced skin technology.
High-Potency concentrates of Asiaticocide (derived from Gotu Kola), Plant Peptides & live botanical cell derivatives rich in antioxidants, amino acids & phyto-nutrients diminish dark spots, repair skin damage & increase wound healing through.
Skin tissue is healed & regenerated from within: this potent serum works through regenerating skin & reinvigorating scar tissue from deeper layers & does not use acids, harsh exfoliators, or chemical skin brighteners. With regular use, skin regains healthy radiance & vibrancy, appearing brighter & smoother. With long term use, appearance of scars & skin damage are dramatically reduced & healed.

  • stimulates healthy cell function & renewal
  • encourages normalized protein & collagen production in damaged tissue
  • renews healthy cell structure
  • increases cell metabolism for accelerated healing
  • detoxifyes skin to relieve stress on epidermal system
  • regulates pigmentation & inhibit melanin imbalance
  • strengthens & nurtures damaged skin & scar tissue
  • 100% natural, innovative high-tech formulation w/ organic, biodynamic & wildcrafted botanicals & minerals
Key botanical actives:
  • Renew Minerals Complex - a naturally occurring complex consisting of organosulfur chirally-derived from sustainable pine trees & potent phytosterols derived from Flax Seed. Critical to the formation of connective tissue to rehabilitate scar tissue, helps reconstruct & maintain healthy collagen & elastin structure in damaged cells, increases regeneration to scar tissue, while acting as an anti-inflammatory. Also promotes quick wound healing to minimize new blemishes. Phytosterols work in synergy with the antioxidant rich formula to repair damaged skin as it regulates cell function.
  • Gotu Kola Extract - a key stimulant that works to improve circulation in the epidermal layer & increase healthy collagen production to convert scar tissue to healthy skin tissue. Gota Kola also repairs connective tissue & strengthens cell’s natural wound healing properties. Also loaded with damage fighting antioxidants & anti-inflammatory nutrients including 3 x types of saponin glycosides. When combined with antioxidants in this serum, provides an alternative skin renewal system to retinoids. Rich in Asiaticoside, which possesses superior wound healing & regenerative properties. Topical application yields increase in healthy skin cell production. Skin treated with asiaticoside show greater concentration of antioxidants super dismutase, Vitamin E + Ascorbic Acid in newly formed tissue.
  • Indian Fig - a cactus-fruit rich in antioxidants, vitamins A+C+E, betalains, magnesium, potassium & immunity boosting nutrients, Indian Fig contains the fundamentals for reversing keys signs of damage including acne scars, photo-damage & burns. Indian Fig calms distressed skin suffering from inflammatory conditions & stimulates cell renewal to rapidly accelerate healing.
  • Sea Minerals Complex - a deeply penetrating renewal system sourced from the deep sea & developed with revolutionary marine biology research. The sea minerals complex offers unparalleled rejuvenating properties that actively trigger skin cells to naturally repair & rebuild. Incredibly rich in skin replenishing minerals including zinc-protein that locks to damaged cells for correction.
  • Sea Buckthorn - known in some cultures as nature’s multivitamin, Sea Buckthorn is a key source of naturally occurring vitamins A+B+C+E as well as carotenes, peptides & antioxidant polyphenols. Due to it’s rich nutrient profile, Sea Buckthorn promotes regeneration & healing in skin on a cellular level.
  • Frankincense - known for it’s Cicatrisant & Cytophylactic properties, Frankincense fades scars, acne marks & stretch marks while promoting regeneration of healthy skin cells & protecting the health of existing cells.
  • Helichrysum - known by many botanists as “Immortelle”, Helichrysum is known for it’s super-regenerative properties in accelerating healing while reducing inflammation.

Recommended for: 

  • facecare serum / night time
  • all skin types to fade hyperpigmentation, correct dark spots & discoloration, heal acne scars & sun damage for a brighter, smoother, more even complexion

How to use: Apply in the PM, as actives work with skin repair system during sleep cycle.Shake well. Sediment is time released into serum to maintain potency over time. Massage 2-3 drops to affected area until fully absorbed. Allow any sediment to gently stimulate the affected area.
Scent: very delicate, mild, herbal fresh, unisex
Texture: oil & emulsion
FREE FROM: synthetic fragrances, parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEG’s, aluminum, nylon, sulfates, artificial colors, mineral oil, silicones, petrochemicals, sulfates, triclosan, GMOs, urea, PABA, and phthalates, non-food grade alcohol, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide, DEA/TEA, propylene glycol. 
Ingredients: Bioregenerating Botanical Infusion (Botanical Glycosides, Sea Minerals Complex), S. chinensis (Jojoba) oil*, M. integrifolia (Macadamia) oil*, O. ficus-indica (Indian Fig) seed oil*, C. inophyllum (Tamanu) oil*, H. rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) oil*, A. uva-ursi (Bearberry) extract*, H. italicum (Helichrysum)* extract, G. glabra (Liquorice) extract*, C. asiatica (Gotu Kola) extract*, Renew Minerals Complex (Methysulfonylmethane (MSM)* Derived from Pine Lignin, Phytosterols derived from Flax), A. linearis (Rooibos) extract*, B. carterii (Frankincense) extract*, D. carota (Carrot) seed extract^^, G. lucidum (Reishi) extract*, L-arginine, L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), L-Gluconic Acid (Derived from Kombucha Tea Ferment)*. Organic. ^^ Wildcrafted. Contains nut oils.
100% natural. Cruelty free & Vegan. YÜLI products are made from organic or wild-crafted ingredients that are bio-dynamically grown without chemicals or pesticides in sustainable environments. All ingredients are handpicked at their peak of ripeness where they are most bioactive so that their nutrients & energy are the most abundant.
Packaging: reusable & recyclable Miron dark glass bottle w/plastic pump in paper box
Made in: USA

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type: face serum by: YÜLI
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